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Weikfield is a corporate that is deeply in tune with the needs of the environment. We try, in every way possible, to respect and support both the natural as well as the human environment around us.

   Weikfield pioneered the commercial use of solar power in Pune, by being the first factory to install a commercial application of solar power. For over 2 decades, solar power has driven the prime manufacturing processes at Weikfield. The power saved totes up to a total of 30000 kilo watt hours per annum.

   Only recycled paper is used for the packaging of all products that carry the Weikfield brand name.

   Organic Products is another area Weikfield has championed. No artificial fertilizers or synthetic pesticides have been used in the manufacture of our range of teas for over a decade now. In addition, every Weikfield product is 100% vegetarian.

   The Company supports biodiversity and eco-friendly agricultural practices. For example, bio-waste like wheat straw is used as raw material to prepare compost at the mushroom plant. The spent compost is then recycled and turned into organic manure for farmers. This cuts down the use of chemical manure and fertilizer and reduces nitrous emissions into the atmosphere.

Social Responsibility - Environment
Social Responsibility - Environment